During almost 12 months of regular training and specific preparation for 6 ultras, I’ve gathered up a bunch of stats, content, media, but most of all, experience. Experience in making training, a career, social life and other aspects of life balance out. I also learnt many things about my body and mind. Observed the changes it’s gone through, how much better (and sometimes worse, depending on training blocks) I feel day to day on so many different levels.

Having worked with a professional coach, Paulo Pires ( Armada Portuguesa do Trail ) during this time, my approach to training changed from sporadic harder efforts to a sustainable and injury free one that emphasises spending time in the most important heart rate zones. I very much like the Maffetone Method ( also see Mark Allen’s article ) as a base staple, with specific training depending on upcoming objectives or races. A few other books introduced me to exercise science and physiology and I’ve been fortunate to be able to also learn from friends linked to exercise studies and others in the ultra running community.

The best things in life is shared and therefore I’d like to convert a bunch of content I have archived on my laptop and head into a series of blog posts. It’s best to learn from real, open and brutally honest experiences – I’d like this to be a resource that others with a regular life and other obligations can relate to. I promise to cover the good, the bad and the mediocre and to be always true to myself and the audience. Opinions here are my own.

Follow along this path of experiments, evolution and wide emotional ranges. Happy reading!




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