Lourens Naudé - Island Ultra Runner


Usually a major pain point in race preparation is figuring out exactly what the regulations for required material actually mean. There’s soooo MANY races being organised nowadays, however there’s no common set of standard rules used across the board, so one has to read the fine print. Every single time. It gets worse with last minute weather changes as well. Admittedly a touchy subject because sometimes a rule isn’t black or white,… Read More

Mid February I noticed a buzz on Facebook regarding an upcoming crossing of Faial in the Açores and promptly registered for the Ultra Trail Faial Costa Costa after getting clearance from my coach. Due to an unexpected participation in Gêres Trail Adventure  in addition to the planned TransGranCanaria and Madeira Island Ultra Trail , accumulated racing stats on April 27 were: 2 months, 3 ultras, 304km, 18600m vertical gain, 9 points UTMB. A lot of load in a… Read More

For most ultras there’s usually a fair amount of homework to do – adjusting training for the race course and profile, required gear and sometimes travel. From where I’m standing however, there’s a huge difference between preparation and planning. Getting that line wrong can set you up for a less enjoyable experience and sometimes even failure.    Preparation A preparation phase would include the following, ahead of time … Long / medium… Read More

I decided to open the 2014 season with the The North Face Transgrancanaria Advanced 82km, 4500mD+ (having also participated in the 2013 edition) as it’s very early (March 1st) and also was the first race in the Spain Ultra Cup 2014. Participants almost doubled compared to 2013 and I knew it would be a very very strong field to vest preparation of the last few months against. I arrived on February 25 by a… Read More