I’m a 32 year old South African living in Madeira Island (looong story) with a passion for mountains, trails, running and other cross training endurance sports. I’ve been tinkering in software and systems for almost 2 decades, mingled with Silicon Valley and are very much interested in how things work. And how to make them work better. My body and mind too …

I believe in balance (“equilíbrio” in Portuguese) – the effects and adaptions of the things we do (and also don’t do) on ourselves and those around us. Every experience won’t be positive, but negative ones should be short lived. On the trails and from a few ultra marathons I learn’t the importance of pacing. Both during a race as well as the long and winding road in getting there with training and other sacrifices. The things we choose to do should make ourselves, and those around us, better individuals. And experiences are always better than “things”.

A strict 9 to 5 schedule in an office isn’t exactly how we’re biologically adapted over the last few thousand years. Therefore I don’t comply. We’re designed for movement – our glutes (aka “asses”) aren’t meant for chairs. I am co-founder of an Estonian based consultancy Bear Metal OÜ – we ship from wherever. Whenever. I believe it’s vital to live life fully and freely, now and not when retired at 65, and to free up adequate time for others. Do the things you love and love what you do, but don’t ever become what you do.

I’m addicted to muesli, mix a metric ton of random things into my morning cereal and can’t resist Nutella.

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